Proof that these are the good ol’ days!


Teddy Roosevelt-the golden era of hunting? 

Ernest Hemingway-was marlin fishing better in his day?

Those were the days-Right?  Many would say wrong.

This blog is to show that today is as good as it’s ever been.  Our own adventures and a bit of living vicariously through our buddies.  It’s a blog for real men-everything that is bigger, badder and…more entertaining. 

Giant Black Bear-Prince of Wales Island Alaska

The Majestic Greater Kudu-South Africa








Giant Billfish (Sailfish)-Costa Rica



4 Responses to “Proof that these are the good ol’ days!”

  1. Holy Macarole or should I say Swordfish!? 🙂 Love the pics!!

  2. I am so jealous. i would absolutely love to do some deep sea fishing! Lets go as a group in a year!

  3. Let’s do it. Central America. Costa Rica is my pick right now for best combo vacation and incredible bill fishing.

  4. Justin Strunk Says:

    Great pics Ryan. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a ball!

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