Giant Brown Bear Charges Man in Residential Neighborhood

900-1,000 lb Brown Bear charges man walking near his home in Alaska.  Looks like he was fortunate to have survived the charge.   Stretching the tape at 9 1/2 feet, this old boar met his match in Greg Brush.

Scary quote from lucky dude Greg Brush-“It came with zero warnings. There was no woof, no jaw popping, no standing up. It just had its head down, ears back and was in a full charge…”  Story link Bear Paw


Greg Brush standing where bear started it’s charge.  He estimated it reached him in approximately 1 second.  Greg only had time for a hip shot.  The bear slid 10 feet past him before coming to a rest on the side of the road.

Thanks Emily and hubby for forwarding the story.


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