Goliath Mountain Lion

Spencer is one of my great buddies.  He was with me when I shot my Booner Alaska Black Bear.  I was with him on his first big game harvest.  His story of this amazing cougar is one for the ages.  Looks like it might have eaten a few of the hounds on its way up the tree.

Spencer's Mountain Lion

Click on Photo for a close-up photo.

Congrats on an great cat Spencer!  Taken with the cougar hunting legend Wade Lemon and his outfit in Utah on a conservation tag.  Conservation tags are huge for wildlife conservation funding and are tax refundable to the purchaser.  Thanks for making it happen Spencer and Wade.  Here’s a link to the Wade Lemon hunting site.   http://www.wadelemonhunting.net/


2 Responses to “Goliath Mountain Lion”

  1. That is amazing Spencer! Awesome

  2. Nice! What did you end up doing with it? So, when are the mighty hunters Spencer and Ryan going to take me out hunting so I can be a cool guy like they are?

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