Lord Derby Eland-#5 alltime SCI

TV personality and avid outdoorsman Marc Watts with one of the most sought after trophies in the world.  This huge bull is #5 in the alltime record book for Lord Derby Eland.  These majestic animals are found only in the Central African Republic, Sudan, Cameroon and Senegal and present one of the challenging African adventures. 

Marc has harvested literally hundreds of African trophies.  He is one of the great hunters and marksmen of our generation.  Check out Marc’s websites  http://www.marcwatts.com/ and http://www.sabletrailproductions.com/

 Lord Derby Eland

Lord Derby Eland2All photos are protected by federal copyright laws and may not be used without the written permission of Marc Watts and Sable Productions. 

Marc thanks for use of the photos on thegreatwhitehunter blog.  Looking forward to your next videos.


3 Responses to “Lord Derby Eland-#5 alltime SCI”

  1. The story about the black bear attack is amazing. Thanks for posting. Where was it hit?

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