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Unfortunate story of Coyote Attack-Fox News

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Careful wildlife management has resulted in many unintended consequences.  For example, wolf reintroduction has decimated elk and moose herds in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming-leading to the delisting of the grey wolf from the endangered species list.  Reinvigoration of deer and small game numbers have caused an explosion of Coyotes and other predators. 

Unfortunately, we are in an era where human influence cannot be ignored.  Game and outdoor conservation is a complex and constantly changing science.  Coyote control has moved high on the agenda leading several western states to reinstate bounties on these efficient predators.   Just the other day my wife and I saw a coyote WALKING DOWN THE SIDEWALK in our neighborhood.  Another friend saw a mountain lion in their backyard.  As deer become more comfortable in the suburbs, we can expect the predators move in as well.


African Leopard Strikes Back-Video

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Thanks Wade for the forward.  This video shows how quickly a hunter can become the hunted.  This wounded Leopard literally blurs through the grass and takes down the professional hunter.  Worth a look!

Giant Trevally-Australian Saltwater Trophy

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Thanks to Kerri from Clear Water Island Lodge in Australia for use of the photo of this terrific Giant Trevally.  Check out the website for more photos

Giant Austrlian Barramundi

The photo below shows a typical Giant Trevally-see the size difference.

Regular Barramundi

12 year old harvests big ol’ muley

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zach waters tremendous muley

A friend sent me this photo with the following description:Zach Waters is 12 years old and this was his first deer hunt. His Dad and him went out and shot a forky Sunday night and took it home to find out that it had been wounded and rotting and infected. The Fish & Game came and inspected the carcass on Monday and found that it not to be any good. The Fish & Game reissued Zach a new Tag and off they went again. They jumped this Buck early in the morning @ 50 yards thought they’d never see him again. Later that morning they jumped him again @150 yards and Zach was quick on the trigger and shot him on a dead run up the saddle. He hit him in the rear leg and broke it all the way. They followed the blood trail and figured he hit an artery the way it was bleeding out. 200 yards down the trail they spotted him again and shot him through the back & liver. Zach is the kind of young man that deserves this buck and has had a smile on his face ever since. Unofficial B&C score 235 4/8. Way to go Zach!

Ginormous Bull Elk-New Mexico

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9x9 New Mexico Monster

What a brute.  This New Mexico Bull has 9 points on each side and apparently scored a remarkable 443.  What an amazing resurgence of monster bull elk coming of the west.  Check out the length of those brow tines!

Montana Giant-largest ever in lower 48

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A friend forwarded me this photo with the following description:

Monster Ram From Montana Possibly Largest Ever!
> A lucky hunter with the one coveted non-resident tag in Montana ‘s Missouri River Breaks just harvested possibly the largest ram ever taken in the United States ! The ram green scored 205 with both horns stretching to 44 1/2″ with over 16″ bases and carries the mass throughout the horn length. The ram will be officially scored after the 60 day drying period. If the ram exceeds Jim Weatherly’s 204 7/8 ram taken in 1993 it will be the new Montana state record and will also be the largest ram ever taken in the United States . Pat White was assisted and filmed on the hunt by John Lewton of Whitehall , MT. The two men backpacked in over 10 miles, glassing as they went and found the ram. They shot the ram and carried it out on their backs the 10 miles back to the trailhead. Only gutting out a 20 mile foot march in 90+ degree heat resulted in the harvest of one of the largest rams ever taken.

2009 Montana Ram

National Geographic-Predator vs Prey

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National Geographic has just come out with some of the photos from its predator vs prey photo contest for 2009.  To see more of the entry photos go to