Giant Leopard-Big Five Trophy of a Lifetime

The African Leopard has made a fabulous recovery along with the recovery of other game species in Africa.  There are now estimated to be over 2 million leopard roaming southern Africa. 


Much of this success can be attributed to the trophy value of these cats.  Locals and landowners now have a financial motivation to ensure healthy populations of these cats.  Most cats you see harvested are mature males, but none I have seen approach the dimensions of the Leopard in this photo.  Congratulations to African Hunting Safaris, the outfitter who guided the hunter to this awesome feline


One Response to “Giant Leopard-Big Five Trophy of a Lifetime”

  1. […] Harvested in Zambia, this behemoth shows the size and quality of older cats that can be harvested in Southern Africa.   Often times giant Leopard are able to attain their abnormal size by becoming cattle theives.  I have a hard time blaming them given my own love of a good ribeye or New York strip steak.  However, to the local farmers, the loss of a member of the herd can be devastating. As in North America, intelligent wildlife conservatin is the key to maintaining a proper balance. […]

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