Walter Tate and his Bull

75 year old Walter Tate is of the age to know what a trophy of a lifetime means.  His officially scored 403 bull elk harvested in 2006 fits the category nicely.  Guided by Montana outfitter Mark Baumeister of Mark’s Montana Trophy Hunts, Mr. Tate was willing to harvest any mature specimen. When this grand old bull entered the picture, he was given an opportunity on the bull of a lifetime.  A true 400 class, 7×7 with exceptional mainbeams, this bull is one for the ages.  Congratulations Walter and Mark.  Visit Mark’s Montana trophy hunt home page on the web

Walter Tate-403 Gross 7x7

Here is a slightly higher view of this tremendous bull elk.

Walter Tate big bull

Mark thanks for the updated photos.  Here is one last perspective-see the length of the tines in relation to Walter body.  What a tremendous animal.

Walter Tate-Mark's Montana Hunts


One Response to “Walter Tate and his Bull”

  1. That is the bigest elk I have ever seen. My dad and I shot a 6×5 elk the year before last.

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