Sportsmen show some backbone-Great ESPN piece

It’s time for outdoorsmen to show some backbone. ESPN got it right this time.

The other day I got my first nasty email from a tree hugger who called this site “too competitive” and that was before his email got more aggressive.  He went on to spill a bunch of other tree hugger garbage about how hunters and fishermen don’t have a clue about wildlife conservation. 

Let me get on my soapbox for a minute.  It seems that everytime some poorly educated but morally arrogant liberal tells outdoorsmen that use-based conservation is somehow flawed or wrong, we cower into our shell rather than educate.  The truth is that use based conservationists have pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into wildlife and fish conservation, millions of man hours of free labor and provide an economic incentive to government and locals to protect natural resources.  My friends, there is a vocal minority who will shout us down, if we don’t stand up for ourselves.  We have the moral high ground, we have paid our dues, and wildlife conservation will fail without our support-as Steve Bowman at ESPN has so correctly stated-it’s time we start playing our role.  We are the leaders of conservation, we are the face of true and sustainable environmentalism-It’s time we start acting like it.

The GWHunter


2 Responses to “Sportsmen show some backbone-Great ESPN piece”

  1. Amen! I love this site and appreciate the work you put into it! Keep the stories and pictures coming!

  2. Absolutely right. Good post.

    Funny and typically ironic comment by the liberal about “competitiveness”. In contrast with the vocal minority who seem vastly assured of their moral rectitude, most hunters are peaceful solid citizens. It is time to call these folks out and defeat their obnoxious attacks with solid facts. Facts are the best ammunition. Would be interested in seeing some bullet point statistics if you can find some.

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