Treking In-Capturing the Moment (and Badlands giveaway)

Bryan is the winner of the Badlands bino case, his fantastic brown trout wins accolades from participants in the poll by over 50 percent.   Bryan just sent me this fabulous photo.  For me it captures so many memories treking in the outdoors for a new day of adventure.  Thanks for use of the photo Bryan. 

We have another giveaway for the surfboard-closes Oct 30th.  To be entered you can simply email me and mention Dub or submit any post.  Each post counts for one entry-no limit on posts.  To see more about our new giveaway see[1]

Here is the winning photo (click on photo to see the entire post).  MonsterBrown2-MHQ-10-28-08

Check out the badlands swag brought home by Bryan.  Thanks again to badlands for supporting the great white hunter blog.  Badlands and their sister company Vortex Outdoors has a ton of other cool gear for fishing, hunting and backpacking.

zipno photo


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