Unfortunate story of Coyote Attack-Fox News


Careful wildlife management has resulted in many unintended consequences.  For example, wolf reintroduction has decimated elk and moose herds in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming-leading to the delisting of the grey wolf from the endangered species list.  Reinvigoration of deer and small game numbers have caused an explosion of Coyotes and other predators. 

Unfortunately, we are in an era where human influence cannot be ignored.  Game and outdoor conservation is a complex and constantly changing science.  Coyote control has moved high on the agenda leading several western states to reinstate bounties on these efficient predators.   Just the other day my wife and I saw a coyote WALKING DOWN THE SIDEWALK in our neighborhood.  Another friend saw a mountain lion in their backyard.  As deer become more comfortable in the suburbs, we can expect the predators move in as well.


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