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Russian World Record Moose-Kamchtka Pennisula

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This is one exceptional moose.  Just look at the Paddles on this bad boy.  Estimated to be a new world record.  To see more photos follow the link

 To read more about this moose harvested by hunter Jay Link, see

I particularly liked this quote, “This was one of the toughest hunts I have been on through my travels around the world. I refer to the hunt as a ‘tough man’s contest,’ rather then a hunt. It was a great experience. My brother Troy will be returning next year. As to the score of the moose, it should end up somewhere between 550 and 600 points SCI. It has huge mass and extremely wide paddles, with 20 points on one side and 18 points on the other.”


The Killing of a Man Eating Croc

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Humans have been pretty successful at removing man eating predators from the food chain.  There are famous examples including the man eating lions of the Tsavo. These two oversized but maneless male killed between 35 and 135 railroad workers in 1898  Usually after the removal of a few suspect animals and a bit of conditioning, the situation improves.  This is not true of all species.  Tigers, far and away the most agressive man eaters of all cats, by one estimate, are said to have killed 300,000 between 1800 and 1900

One notorious man-eating tigress known as Champawat (pictured above) killed some 200 men and women before being driven out of Nepal. She moved to another location, this time in India, and continued to kill bringing her total up to 436 before she was tracked down and killed in 1911.  The Champawat tigress was, as man eaters usually are, extremely cunning, and she was only found by Jim Corbett because he managed to follow the trail of blood the tigress left behind after killing her last victim, a 16-year-old girl.

One species that continues to consume humans as a part of its diet is the crocodile.  This man eater was recently harvested.   The photos of the evidence is pretty graphic.  Simply CLICK ON PHOTOS BELOW to see the stomach contents:  WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES!!!

Turkey Day 2008

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Last year on Thansgiving these wild turkeys walked through our backyard.  First and last time that we have seen wild turkey in our yard.  My 12 year-old Zach spotted them first.  Fortunately, we were able to get some great photos.  Wishing all followers of the Great White Hunter a great Thanksgiving .

World Record Turkey-Great White Hunter Style

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thought you would all enjoy these photos of a world record Turkey. With a beard of 22 inches long, this is certainly an unusual bird.  See the close-ups and read the full story at

World Record Largemouth

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I’m not a bass guy, but I recently came across two stories of world record largemouth bass.  The first was caught in Japan of all places.  See story at

The next story occurred in 2006 and boasts a much larger fish that was actually caught and released.  This one in California.  The second story is truly a feel good story that is worth the read.  By the way, what happened to the good ol’ southern largemouth fisheries?

I found this quote quite interesting about this 25 pound monster, “It’s simply because there are people who are out there who didn’t think a bass can grow to more than 22.25 pounds,” said James Hall, editor of Bassmaster magazine. “It’s because of how elusive the record has been for so many years.”

Wooly Muskox

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Last night a big winter storm blew in bringing snow, ice and…well everything winter.  It got me thinking to one of the truly unique artic outdoor adventures, hunting muskox.  These hairy beasts remind me of northern hunters from a bygone era.  Many of these hunts are conducted in subzero temperatures on the Island of Greenland.  There are also more temperate fall hunts, that involve much more walking as snow machines cannot be utilized.  Combine with some lake trout fishing and you have an awesome surf and turf combo.

Visit Artic Hunting Group’s website for more details on one of these hunts

Coyote hit by car goes for a long ride

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Thanks for the forward Ruland- 

Here is the text of the email-Meet the wiliest of all coyotes: Hit by a car at 75mph, embedded in the fender, road for 600 miles – and SURVIVED!

When a brother and sister struck a coyote at 75mph they assumed they had killed the animal and drove on.  They didn’t realize this was the toughest creature ever to survive a hit-and-run.  Eight hours, two fuel stops, and 600 miles later they found the wild animal embedded in their front fender – and very much alive.

Daniel and Tevyn East were driving at night along Interstate 80 near the Nevada-Utah border when they noticed a pack of coyotes near the roadside on October 12.  When one of the animals ran in front of the car, the impact sounded fatal so the siblings thought there no point in stopping.  ‘Right off the bat, we knew it was bad,’ Daniel explained. ‘We thought the story was over.’  After the incident around 1am, they continued their 600 mile drive to North San Juan – even stopping for fuel at least twice.  But it was only when they finally reached their destination at 9am did they take time to examine what damage they may have sustained.  At first it looked as though it was going to be quite gruesome.  ‘[Daniel] saw fur and the body inside the grill,’ Tevyn East said. ‘I was trying to keep some distance. Our assumption was it was part of the coyote – it didn’t register it was the whole animal.’  Daniel East got a broom to try and pry the remains out of the bumper and got the shock of his life.  ‘It flinched,’ Tevyn East said. ‘It was a huge surprise – he got a little freaked out.’ 

‘We knew it was bad’: Tevyn East, who was in the car when it hit the coyote, bends down to take a look at the fur poking through the fender

Fur Pete’s sake: What Mr. East spotted as he bent down to inspect the damage to his car – the body of the coyote poking out through the radiator

Miracle escape: As the animal struggled, wildlife protection officials put a loop around its neck to prevent it from further injuring itself The front of the car is completely taken apart as the coyote begins to wriggle free

And voila! Tricky the toughest coyote ever rests in a cage after its ordeal – which it survived with just some scrapes to its paw