Drayton Valley Wolf-230 lb Record Smasher

Thanks to Ruland for the forward.  This giant wolf was apparently harvested in Canada.   Read the story below.

Drayton Valley-Alberta

Here is the text of the email:  This wolf was recently shot in Drayton Valley, Alberta, which is near Edmonton.  The wolf weighed over 230 lbs smashing the previous record of 175 lbs.   Wouldn’t want to run into this puppy in the woods.  Apparently a bear hunter witnessed this wolf chase off  a big black bear at his baiting station.

Some additional research indicates this wolf was actually harvested, though it may have actually weighed in at 200lbs.  An additional note, record books are based on skulls not weight per se, so it is a bit unclear if this is actually a world record.  Either way, it is one big wolf!


4 Responses to “Drayton Valley Wolf-230 lb Record Smasher”

  1. Wow! Would not be fun to run into that bad boy in the woods! Looks intelligent in a dangerous sort of way. Beautiful brush of a tail.

  2. Saw where the fellow holding the wolf is 4’11”. Do not know if he is or not. Looks Fake to me…..

  3. gosh its a big wolf if i was out hunting i wouldent want anything less than a 30-06 but it looks kinda fake

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