My Dream Hunts-Brandon Sulser

We need your help.  I am trying to win a hunt for one of my buddies Brandon Sulser.  Brandon is a great guy, who hasn’t been able to hunt for several years due to an accident that put him in a wheel chair.  Due to the injury, he is not able to shoot a gun (his ears are still ringing from the last time he tried.)   So we need a very specific kind of crossbow hunt.  We have been working on this for some time and think we can help Brandon win the hunt.

Brandon with Coyote

HERE IS THE STORY: The hunt is being provided by a small but growing company called My Dream Hunts.  We are hoping to win this week’s contest for the person that provides the most new customer referrals.  The membership is free, they won’t bombard you with emails, or sell your email to third parties.  You might even win one of the daily hunt giveaways from My Dream Hunts.  With only 600 members and a daily drawing, your odds are better than most public land lottery tags. In addition, most of the My Dream Hunt giveaways are guided hunts.  Signing up only takes about 30 seconds and doesn’t require a credit card or social security number.

HERE IS HOW YOU CAN HELP-FOR HUNTERS and NONHUNTERS: There are three ways you can sign up for which we get referral credit: (1) Go to the Right Side Bar of my blog and click on the My Dream Hunts Image-it will take you to the sign up page; OR (2) Follow this link
; OR (3)  Go to the My Dream Hunts membership page and add the referring email (if for some reason you see a referral box-please add this email.  It means that the referral tracking information is not working and the email must be added for us to get credit).

 To learn more about My Dream Hunts follow this link or click on photo below!MyDreamHunts

Here are a few of the daily hunt My Dream Hunts giveaways from the last couple of weeks: (1) 8 day grizzly bear hunt; (2) 7 day Colorado Archery Elk Hunt-4 hunters; (3) Kansas Turkey Hunt; (4) 5 day Arizona Mule Deer Hunt; and (5) Alaska Black Bear Hunt.  A few have offered to post this on their facebook and email their friends who are hunters-to all of you a HUGE thank you!

Please let me know if any of you win one of these great hunts!


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