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Skoronski Bull-434 inches of Beautiful

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Utah has replaced Arizona as the big bull Mecca for world class rocky mountain elk.  In 2006 one particularly trememdous specimen was harvested by Ron Skoronski and his legendary guide Doyle Moss and his Mossback Team.  This bull is a typical 6×6 who scores a remarkable 434 inches Boone and Crocket.  Possibly the largest 6×6 ever harvested, this old boy is Mr. Skoronski’s second 400 class bull elk.  An amazing feat by itself.

Special thanks to Doyle Moss for use of the photo.  For more photos of this exceptional animal visit  If a 400 class bull is your goal and you have the financial means to buy one of those coveted conservation tags at auction, Doyle and his team are your best bet for harvesting the trophy of a lifetime. The money goes to conservation of these beautiful animals.  In 2006 alone, Doyle and his crew harvested 8 bulls over 400 inches and several more just shy of that magical mark.

Colorado Governor’s Tag-263 Gross

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When I was a kid, there was a giant Mule Deer that had an enormous drop tine that lived in the alfalfa field behind our house.  This particular buck was 5×8 with over a 30 inch spread.  He came out about 8:15 every evening with a bachelor group of 5-10 other mule deer bucks.  I have loved a big drop tine buck ever since.

Check out this Colorado Monster.  With both alive shots and harvest shots, you can really appreciate this majestic creature.  Colorado Mule deer sport those heavy main beams that we all can appreciate.  Congratulations to this hunter and thank you for your donation to continue to keep our big game herds healthy.

Redneck Christmas

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Whoever came up with this has one seriously twisted sense of humor.  I’m not sure what that says about my reaction when I first saw it.

1,000 lb Gator-Prehistoric Beast

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This gator was shot near a soccer field.  Apparently, a larger female with this male was able to escape. 

Giant Tadpoles?

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These dudes may look like Tadpoles, but they are actually a variety of Catfish that have to be one of the most unique gamefish in the world.  Next time you are in Spain, simply drop by the river Ebro and see what all the fuss is about.  Fish over 100 lbs are common.  The catfish shown in the photos are in the 200lb range.  Thanks to Stephen from Carp and Catbusters for use of the photos.  Click on the photo below for even more photos of these exceptional fish.

Shangrila for big Utah Muley’s

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The widest of the group is estimated at over 40″.  The 8×7 (counting brow tines) is 35″.  These big boys make any hunter drool.  To see more photos and learn where these big boys hang out, click on one of the photos below.

Thanks Emily for the forward.

White Moose-A Real Beauty

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A friend forwarded me the photos of this incredible white moose. I can’t quite tell from the photo if it is an albino.  Notice that its calf(s) are the normal brown/black.  What an exceptional animal and truly beautiful photographs.  My understading is this photo was taken in 2008 in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.

World Record Caribou-Artic Hunting Group

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Folks, there is a pending new world record caribou which was harvested in 2008 with Artic Hunting Group in Greenland.  Check out the unusual antler confirmation on this beautiful animal.  Scoring an incredible 534 1/8 SCI, Bob Theer has harvested a World Record Central Canada Caribou for the ages.  Visit Artic Hunting Group’s website for more details on their world class Caribou and Muskox hunts.  Thanks Tony for use of the photo!

Bear Release Gone Very Very Wrong

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Thanks David for the forward.  Hard to understand why they choose this method to release a problem bear.

To see the full montage, including the interesting ending, click on one of the pictures below.