European Trout Fishing-Slovenia

The beautiful country of Slovenia in the former Yugoslavia is one of the unexpected jewels of trout fishing.  Located adjacent to Italy on the North Eastern Coast of the Adriatic Sea, this beautiful country boasts my parents favorite European City (Bled-I think I spelled that correctly).  It is also home to the beautiful Marble Trout.  Thanks to Beaver at for use of the fabulous pictures. 

If you are in southern Europe and have an extra couple of days, try out some of this beautiful Alpine fishing.

Contact Frontiers International Travel at for information and booking of one of the fabulous adventures.

Frontiers International Travel; PO Box 959; Wexford, PA  15090-0959-Telephone: 724-935-1577;  Toll-free U.S.:  800-245-1950


2 Responses to “European Trout Fishing-Slovenia”

  1. This is Kirsten ( – the contact person at Frontiers for trout fishing in Slovenia. Nice looking blog! Saw your mention of Hemmingway on the main page – he actually spent a good deal of time in and around the Soca River Valley (that pretty turquoise water you see above) during WWI. Turned it into the setting for A Farwell to Arms – so definitely a must-do for anglers, Hemmingway fans and history buffs alike!

    • Kirsten. What an amazing tie in to Hemmingway and his famous book. I think I had to read that in 10th grade. Seeing the photos, I can see his draw to this amazing trout fishing destination. Love your site and all of the fabulous outdoor adventures you have to offer. Keep up the great work.

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