Big Wolf Down-World’s most effective predator?

Wolves are simply amazing animals.  Much larger in body than most of us appreciate, a single wolf can (and has recently) killed a full grown cow.  A pack can easily take down and devour a moose.  Shown below is a photo of a recent wolf harvest.  I don’t have any additional information on this particular animal or the hunter.

While there are many who do not agree with wolf hunting, the fact is these predators must be managed like much other wild game species.  Humans have simply changed the natural environment too much to believe that any natural equilibrium will exist with wolves.  Hundreds of millions have been invested into Moose, Elk, Deer, Bison and Wild Sheep.  A few hundred wolves are flushing those tax payer dollars faster than any of us would like to believe.  The wolves are here to stay.  Hopefully the reduction in wolf numbers, will allow all big game species to remain healthy.

I was recently sent this photo and story of a pack of mountain lion hounds which were killed by a pack of wolves.

Click on the photo above for the harrowing story loss and survival.  Not only a sad story for these exceptional dogs, but an expensive loss for the dedicated houndsman.  Warning-Graphic Photos


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