Greg Rodriguez-Giant Tom Leopard

A few months ago I came across the photo of an exceptional Leopard harvested in Southern Africa.  The post highlighted the recovery of the Southern African Leopard and the size of the exceptional specimen.  As is often the case, the post generated its fair share of controversy  (see below).  Recently I came across the photo of a similarly impressive cat harvested by Greg Rodriguez while researching a recent Marco Polo Sheep post.

This exceptional animal was harvested by Greg in Namibia in May 2008.  Stretching the tape at eight feet one inches (8’1″), Greg’s tom is no trick photography.   Greg is an exceptional outdoorsman, photographer, outdoor and shooting writer and owner of Global Adventure Outfitters. In the course of his extensive travels, Greg researches the world’s best outfitters for international hunting.  Email Greg through his website to book your international hunt of a lifetime or call at (281)494-2151.  Thanks Greg for use of the photo.

This Leopard in the photo below and appears larger than life, is probably about the same size as Greg’s tremendous cat. 

Harvested in Zambia, this behemoth shows the size and quality of older cats that can be harvested in Southern Africa.   Often times giant Leopard are able to attain their abnormal size by becoming cattle theives.  I have a hard time blaming them given my own love of a good ribeye or New York strip steak.  However, to the local farmers, the loss of a member of the herd can be devastating. As in North America, intelligent wildlife conservatin is the key to maintaining a proper balance.


One Response to “Greg Rodriguez-Giant Tom Leopard”

  1. Wow, those are giants. On my bucket list for sure.

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