Lake Trout

For freshwater fisherman, outside of the King Salmon, one of the most popular “big game” species of fish is the beautiful lake trout.  Where I come from these monster trout are often referred to as Mack or Mackinaw.  While Mackinaw are certainly one of the more popular varieties of Lake Trout, there are other species as well.  For a guy like me, either way it amounts to one big fish.

Thanks to Jennifer for sending the beautiful photo of her recent Lake Trout catch.  This 27 pound beauty was caught in the Northwest Territories of Canada on Great Bear Lake.  She was fishing with the guides of Trophy Lodge.  Caught in 60 feet of water on a Eppinger Husky with hammered copper and an orange stripe.  The world record Lake Trout is a 65 lb monster which hangs on the wall of a fishing lodge somewhere in  Canada.  Here is a photo of the brutish fish.

A possible new world record was caught and released recently with the whole thing being caught of film.  Reportedly weighing in at 70 lbs, visit to see video of this tremendous fish.

Thanks again to Jennifer for use of the photo of her fish.  Jennifer is the owner of, billed as the home of the world’s best hunting and fishing.  The All Canada show has shows throughout North America through January and February.  Visit for a show near you.


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