Tree Killed Elk-a different way to harvest a trophy

Windfall timber has always fascinated me.  A few years ago, I killed an elk on a solo archery hunt.  On my last haul of meat, it got dark and I lost the faint trail through an old stand of timber.  I wasn’t far from my vehicle, but I somehow wandered into a tangle of windfall that I estimated to be a quarter of a mile long.  After a long day of hauling an elk out alone, climbing over windfall every third step just about took the last of my strength.  I must have hit the ground no less than 30 times.  Try getting back to your feet with 60 lbs of meat strapped to your back when you were as tired as I was.  Needless to say, I was cursing my bad luck.  As I was stumbling and falling over downed trees I got to thinking, “Why don’t these things kill stuff.”  I mean, when was the last time you heard of a camper or hiker luckily avoiding a falling tree.  Is that because most trees come down in the winter?  Do people just not spend sufficient time in old growth stands of forest?  Not a big mystery I guess you could say…I was just wonderin’.

Then I was forwarded these photos.  No explanation in the email.  No explanation needed I guess.


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