Phenomenal Mountain Lion Harvest

I was recently sent these photos from legendary mountain lion guide Wade Lemon.  Not only is this an exceptional cat, the scenery is otherwordly.  Judge for yourself, but the charred background moonscape almost would fit into a sci-fi movie.  Congratulations to Mark Morse on an exceptional harvest.

Thanks again Wade for the forward.  Visit Wade Lemon Hunting

On a more personal note, I did a mountain lion hunt a few years ago.  I did not harvest.   A bit disappointing, but as they say…that is hunting.  I should also mention that I wasn’t hunting with Wade who has a 99% harvest rate.

At the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo this last weekend, I got talking with Matt Wanner who books hunts with Wade Lemon’s outfit.  As we talked, I realized it was time to go do another cougar hunt.  Things are a bit tight for us all, but what better cause than supporting some of the guys who have given so much to hunting and conservation.  Matt and Wade, I can’t wait for my 2011 mountain lion hunt.   The hunt will be filmed for the outdoor show Hooked on Utah and will show locally on KSL television and nationally on the Sportsman Channel.


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