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Duct Tape Heals All Wounds

Posted in 1 on March 30, 2010 by thegreatwhitehunter

Bear attack survivor saved by Duct Tape?

Here is the email:


Bear attack 2009

Apparently a bear attacked his plane while parked in a remote field up here in AK.

He had not cleaned out the inside after a long fishing trip and the bear smelled it.

He had 2 new tires, 3 cases of Duct Tape and several rolls of cellophane delivered.

Then went about repairing the plane so he could fly it home.

Gutsy to say the least.  In Alaska duct tape rules!

Gators Aplenty-Florida Gator Hunting

Posted in 1 on March 27, 2010 by thegreatwhitehunter

A friend of mine recently invited me on a Florida gator hunt.  I was quite interested, so I did a bit more digging.  Florida state biologists estimate a population of about 1.5 million gators in the state.  The first season began in 1988.  Last year a reported 6,200 animals were harvested.  About 6,000 permits were issued in 2009.  Thousands more were trapped by nuisance alligator hunters.  In Florida, all hunts occur at night using so-called primitive methods such as archery, harpoon or crossbow.  There is a fascinating article on a “Fishing” methodology using heavy salt water tackle.  It allows for catch and release if the gator is smaller than was originally estimated.  Check out the article

This 13 foot, 700 pounds gator was harvested by Joe McDaniel with Guide Phil Waiters on Lake Seminole Georgia.  Florida’s record gator was also 13 feet long, but weighed an impressive 1,043 pounds.

This giant gator was taken by huntress Arianne Prevost in 2009 with a crossbow.  Click on the image to see the Foxnews story.  The gator was 11 feet long and weighed an estimated 450 pounds.

In my research I came across one must read story of a not so bright gator poacher who offered to sell some gator legs to the game warden

If anyone has any first hand experience of gator hunting, I’d love to hear your stories.

Archery Recurve-The primitive challenge

Posted in Bear, Big Game, caribou, North America on March 26, 2010 by thegreatwhitehunter

Many sportsmen who are involved in hunting have a favorite weapon.  Some are long range hunters who choose to challenge themselves by finding the perfect long range opportunity.  Other hunters relish the old smoke pole.  Famous hunter Jim Shockey was the first to harvest record book quality animals of the 27 North American big game species using a muzzleloader.  I personally, have hunted with a firearm (an ancient Winchester Model 70), muzzleloader, and compound bow.  One group who prides themselves in the ultimate handicap when it comes to weaponry are recurve archery hunters.

Most recurve hunters will tell you that their weapon has about a 20 yard effective range.  Compare that to a 40-60 yard effective range with a compound bow, and you can see the challenge.  Add the primitive and instinctive draw motion and colorful wood construction of many recurve bows, and you do feel a certain primitive connection with ancient hunter gatherers.

This old tom was dropped by a persistent recurve enthusiast.

While I was researching this post, I came across one amazing archery site

These guys hunt giant bears using recurve bows.

This 950 pound grizzly was shot as it charged.  The old boar scored into the Boone and Crocket records books.  Congratulations to hunter Pat Lefemine.

This giant brown bear was harvested by hunter Tom Huebner in Alaska at less than 10 yards.  What an amazing challenge on one truly dangerous animal.

I loved this quote from the site, “I shared this hunt with my uncle, an Alaska resident, stalking this dry, 8’4″ sow (the only lone bear we observed in 14 days) while she hunted red salmon on a lake shore. Shot her three times from 25 to 35 yards and she feel in sight. It was all over in a matter of 20 seconds. All arrows hanging by the fletching on the far right side, grouped tight through the lungs.”

Costa Rican Rooster Fish

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Rooster fish are one of the amazing and beautiful sportsfishing adventures in my humble opinion.  The Dorsal fins of these beautiful fish resemble the plumage of their name sake.   Growing to substantial proportions, these big dudes can even be fly fished with just the right set-up.

This 60 lb Rooster was caught in Panama.

This Monster Rooster was caught on a mullet fly in the Sea of Cortez, Baja California Sur.

Here is a link to a great site on World Record Rooster Fish and catching Rooster’s on the Fly

I loved this quote, “Roosterfish are probably the most exciting gamefish to hook and fight,” explains Earl Warren, Senior Vice-President of Los Sueños Resort and an avid inshore angler. “You can see them actually come up on the bait with their black comb raised out of the water.”

This one too,”I spent five years fishing out of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico and never saw any roosters over 75 pounds my whole time there,” says Keene . “In the last five years fishing the Los Sueños area, I’ve seen at least 15 roosters in the 80 to 105 pound class. There’s definitely an all-tackle world record to be had in Costa Rica , and I truly believe that there are roosters up to 120 pounds in these waters.”

Here is another website with some great info on Costa Rica’s best locations for Roosterfish

White Lions from South Africa

Posted in Africa, Big 5, Big Game, International, Predators on March 22, 2010 by thegreatwhitehunter

John Riggs recently sent me photos of white lions that he has been breeding in South Africa.  Truly a beautiful animal.

Once again evidence that economic demand produces all sorts of interesting abundance.  Who would ever imagine that someone would invest the serious money needed to produce a breeding population of white lions.

I guess as they say, seeing is believing.  Thanks to John for sending the photos of these beautiful animals.

If you are interested in learning more about John’s operation contact him at:, tel: 27 78 004 2200.

A Moose named Malcom

Posted in Big Game, Friends and Family, Moose, North America on March 20, 2010 by thegreatwhitehunter

My in-laws recently sold their cabin.  We have many wonderful family memories from the cabin including, of course, wildlife.  The canyon that held the cabin was full of Shiras Moose.  One of North America’s great ungulates, Shiras Moose are the smallest of all Moose species.  As you will see in the photo, there is nothing small about these creatures

This giant bull was nicknamed, Malcom.  We enjoyed watching this old boy most of the summer and into the fall.

This old boy often hung out in the front of the cabin, as demonstrated by this great photo.

My wife is watching Malcom from the front porch.  What a beautiful photo of a moose in velvet.

Forgive the fuzzy photo.  But this cow and calf could often be seen in the same area as Malcom.  We like to think this calf was sired by ol’ Malcom.

An interesting announcement

Posted in Friends and Family on March 17, 2010 by thegreatwhitehunter

Sportsmen For Fish and Wildlife (SFW) has taken another step forward in building out their efforts to have a major presence in wildlife conservation and hunting and fishing preservation in the Western part of North America by hiring Ryan Benson as a new senior business development and legal consultant.  The opportunity to hire Ryan came from a tremendous six figure donation from one of SFW Founding Board members, whose desire to see SFW continue to grow is yet another example of SFW members stepping up when needed. 

Ryan first and foremost is an avid and passionate hunter who grew up in humble circumstances and spent his days hunting on the West’s general season public land units.  On a recent day off from his patent law firm duties, Ryan came to his job interview with muddy boots having just finished a coyote hunt with his young sons. 

Mr. Benson graduated with a degree in Political Science from BYU, and then worked for a year as the legislative coordinator for the Utah Attorney General’s office.  He then worked in Washington DC with the staff of US Senator Robert Bennett’s Natural Resource committee, and went from there to Boston, where he earned his Law Degree from Harvard University. 

Since graduating from Harvard, Ryan has built a very successful law practice in Patent Law and also business mergers and acquisitions throughout the western US.  His most recent deal was the patent work and closing of the sale of Barnes Bullets to the Freedom Group. 

Byron Bateman, SFW President said, “Ryan’s willingness to leave a very successful business practice and give up millions in current and future earnings to work for conservation speaks volumes about his passion and commitment to protecting the future of hunting for current and future generations.”  Ryan Foutz, SFW VP of Marketing said, “SFW has been understaffed and has relentlessly focused our resources on restoring habitats, and producing abundant game herds.  Benson will bring the ability to polish and perfect the way SFW does business and communicate our conservation mission to decision makers, sponsors, our members and help us better connect with the new internet generation.” 

Don Peay Founder of SFW said, “we have searched from Alaska to Arizona to find a person with Ryan’s passion for conservation and hunting, and a very unique skill set to take SFW to the next level.”  Peay also said, “there is no question in my mind Benson will help complete SFW’s western North American Conservation infrastructure, and in future years will lead SFW into the international conservation arena.  Ryan is a global thinker, and even at a young age, from his Harvard law contacts he has a rolodex full of top business leaders around the world.” 

Ryan’s first duty will be to lead the SFW effort to have a legal and political solution, if Federal Judges rule the wrong way, and place wolves back on the Endangered Species List.  The SFW Board has determined the wildlife herds of the west have suffered enough, if the courts can’t figure it out soon, Congress needs to step in and solve this problem by restoring the states’ rights to protect our ungulate herds and the multi-billion dollar hunting industry that is suffering tremendous long term damage by un-managed wolf populations in the west and the upper mid west regions.  Benson will also be tasked to help in SFW fundraising, public relations, legislative and legal considerations and organizational structure matters. 

Mr. Benson said, “the SFW members, sponsors and staff have laid a tremendous foundation for land and wildlife conservation in Utah, the Western States and Alaska.  I am honored to join an outstanding SFW team which is driven by measureable results of thousands of restored habitat acres and substantial increases in animal numbers.   Hunting is a passion for me and my young children.  It is worth fighting for our way of life and our heritage in the West.”


Randy and Coni Brooks, owners of Barnes Bullets, who stepped up with the most generous contribution to SFW to allow SFW to hire such a high quality person said, “Ryan is the perfect fit for SFW.  He is polished, passionate about hunting and conservation, and comes across in a very unassuming manner.  However, we saw first-hand, when it comes to crunch time, just like SFW he is willing to step into a hornet’s nest and deliver a victory for his team.” 

SFW is one of the most effective conservation sportsmen groups in the Western united states and focuses on land and wildlife conservation results for elk, mule deer, bison, moose, wild sheep, mountain goats, antelope, chukar, wild turkey and fisheries including efforts to restore abundant Halibut and Salmon fisheries in Alaska.  SFW has state run chapters in AZ, NM, UT, WY, ID, NV, and Alaska, with sportsmen from Colorado, Montana, Nebraska and other states and provinces requesting help in building the wildly successful SFW model in their states soon.

Another Monster Cat out of Utah

Posted in Cougar, North America, Predators on March 16, 2010 by thegreatwhitehunter

Congratulations to huntress Deb Cunningham on a beautiful mountain lion.  The tail on this monster cat looks longer than Deb is tall.  It almost looks like the cat has stopped to pose for the picture.

The photo of the skinned hide gives you a sense of the dimensions of this tremendous cat.  My guess is this cat is over 8 feet nose to tail.

Thanks to legendary cat guide Wade Lemon for the photos of this exceptional cat.  Visit Wade online at

Steelhead-British Columbia

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I love an amazing trophy as much as the next guy.  If you visit the greatwhitehunter blog regularly, you will see scores of giant big game and fishing trophies.  But for me, when I am in the wild, most of the time, the scenery, adventure, people and…well, just the overall experience is what makes it the great outdoors.  Add a great fish or big game animal to the equation, and you have memories that will last a lifetime.

Today, I came across the website for Noel Gyer Guided Fishing Adventures in British Columbia, Canada.  I could immediately see myself lofting a fly over a lazy river in a deep forested gorge.  Hooking up on an old lunker.  Feeling the adrenaline surge as the battle to move the Steelhead or Chinook to shore replaced the concerns of daily life even if just for an hour.  I got a chuckle at the photo above and the guide with a cigar hanging out of his mouth.

The site, while not overly glossy, has one page that is full of photography and fish that will make any fisherman long for a day on the river

This fish is particularly special.  The fisherman, Annti, from Finland, caught what may be a new fly caught world record Steelhead.  He was fishing with Steelhead Heaven on the Skeena River Tributary. 

I loved this quote, “When he hooked this monster it flew out of the water four times and across the raging river, he then put the brakes on this hog with his single hander 9wt and brought it to the slow edge of the downstream side of the pool, when the guide landed it he could not believe the size of this guy and was shaking as it came to the net hoping it would be landed.”

Annti, had an entire film crew that captured the moment in HD.  His personal previous record was a Steelhead weighing in at 20 pounds.  This monster was just one of seven Steelhead Annti landed that day.  This impressive world record Steelhead weighed in at an unfathomable 30 pounds.

Moose born on the lawn

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This one had to be a shocker.  This is what the email says about the photos:

In my 33 years in Minnesota, I have never seen a newborn baby
moose. This one was not even a half mile from our house. The mother
picked a small, quiet neighborhood, and had her baby in a front yard
just off of US 53, at 5:30 am.

Joe and I were out bike riding when we came upon the pair. The lady across the street from this house told us she saw it being born. We saw them at 5:30 PM. So the little one was 12 hours old. What an awesome place we live in to see such a sight.