Hunting the “Other” Island

A few weeks ago, I went hunting with my boys on one of the coolest places on earth.  Rocky, mountainous and largely unexplored.  And all just a short 45 minute drive from 2 million people. Stansbury Island on the Great Salt Lake is not nearly as famous or as visited as its sister Island the famous Antelope Island. Stansbury Island can seem largely inaccessible due to the fact that most of the Island is privately owned.  But if you use the Island’s central access easement and are willing to pound the shoe leather, you will find yourself in some truly beautiful country.

While our coyote calling skills were definitely lacking, we did find a couple of bunnies that were promptly dispatched by the boys.

Cave discovered on the Islands Eastern facing extremity.  Not far from here is a 200 foot sheer drop.

This coyote den was dug into one of the few soft slopes on the mountain.

The rolling fog which filtered through the cliffs most of the day obscured any sign of civilization.  It was almost as if we had suddenly been transported to wild sheep country in some deserted corner of the world.  My daydreaming unfortunately didn’t last long.  Shortly after this photo we saw a herd of black angus on the slope below.


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