A Moose named Malcom

My in-laws recently sold their cabin.  We have many wonderful family memories from the cabin including, of course, wildlife.  The canyon that held the cabin was full of Shiras Moose.  One of North America’s great ungulates, Shiras Moose are the smallest of all Moose species.  As you will see in the photo, there is nothing small about these creatures

This giant bull was nicknamed, Malcom.  We enjoyed watching this old boy most of the summer and into the fall.

This old boy often hung out in the front of the cabin, as demonstrated by this great photo.

My wife is watching Malcom from the front porch.  What a beautiful photo of a moose in velvet.

Forgive the fuzzy photo.  But this cow and calf could often be seen in the same area as Malcom.  We like to think this calf was sired by ol’ Malcom.


3 Responses to “A Moose named Malcom”

  1. Silver Fox Says:

    Great photos GWH!! It’s especially pleasing to see that young moose calf, so I presume there are no wolves nor grizzlies claiming this area as their home range! Can you name the area in case I need a good road trip later this spring?

    Thx, JC

    • JC,

      There are some tremendous places to see moose in Utah right now. I’m happy to pass along drainage etc. Or just give me a call and I’ll take you myself. No wolves or grizz in Utah. Thus calf survival rates are almost entirely dictated by winters right now. Have you seen the statistics of Shiras moose numbers outside of Jackson. That is a sad deal. 10 years ago, over 1200 moose. This years numbers just came in at 120. Truly sad when you realize that you can’t find a healthy herd of moose in Yellowstone anymore. You have to leave wolf country and go to warmer climates to find them.
      The Great White Hunter

  2. Silver Fox Says:

    Thanks for the guide offer GWH, but I’m kind of a solo wanderer and never want to take casual advantage of potential hosts. Based on your comments and likely expanded predator ranges in the last year, I think I know where to visit in ENE UT. I trust UT is developing wolf control regs also, for the future.

    Thx much, JC

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