Fixing Habitat-Watershed Projects

One of conservations best kept secrets, unfortunately, is the importance of habitat projects to wildlife.  Before the settlers arrived in the West, the natural fire cycles were an important part of habitat restoration.  It helped control the overabundance of certain trees that reduce grazing and browse forage that are so important for healthy big game herds.  Tens of Millions of dollars are invested annually to restore healthy forests and rangelands.  Sportsmen raised millions in matching funding to make these habitat projects possible.  They also provide hundreds of thousands of man hours needed to get these projects done.  Here are two examples of the benefits of these projects.

Above is the before photo, Below shows the same area 2 years after the project was done.

The results of these projects are undeniable.  They are very expensive, they take a ton of work.  And it is all made possible by sportsmen groups.

Here is another one.

Above is the before.  Below is the same area two years after the project was completed.

Radical environmental groups and anti-sportsmens groups raise tens of millions a year on an anti-sportsmen agenda.  If they cared so much about wildlife, why don’t they take those big dollars and help fix some habitat themselves.  Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife (SFW) built a model that has restored 1,000,000 acres of habitat on projects in Utah alone.  This is the reason Utah wildlife has rebounded so dramatically over the last 10 years.  The trickle down effect helps create food for all wildlife, including song birds, squirrels, chipmunks, etc.  Just one more reason you can be proud to be a sportsmen.

Next time a nature faker or anti sportsmen gives you garbage for supporting the western wildlife conservation model or hunting, simply ask them the last time their organization put money on the ground.    Like minded wildlife and conservation groups, please feel free to put your money where your mouth is.  Rather than suing states, wildlife managers and cattlemen, put that money into rebuilding habitat.  We are happy to have you join us on our projects.  The effort to restore big game herds in the West is far from being completed.

Millions raised, millions invested, honest solutions to rebuild big game herds permanently.


2 Responses to “Fixing Habitat-Watershed Projects”

  1. With the huge costs of these projects, I’m guessing that the recent law in Utah regarding stream access will be a barrier to getting these things done. Sportsman groups are not going to invest in locations where they have no access, even if local wildlife populations are dependent on those key locations.

  2. The stream access issue is a pretty complex issue. The fact that the only excluded land is private really makes its connection to habitat issues a moot point. Public land is really the primary if not only place where habitat work is done by our group. Private land owners will continue to invest as they see fit.

    On the stream access issue, there were two competing bills. There was not a lot of willingness to compromise. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see further changes to the bill in the future.

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