Larry Knowlton Bull Elk 419″

I just came across a few pictures of a massive bull elk.  In my mind, one of the things that makes this bull special is not the measurement. It is the great story of 5 months of hard hunting, a truly old bull and a huge main frame with monster thick antlers.  What a tremendous animal.

Here is the story from his friend Carey Sebring at High Lonesome Outfitters: Just thought you guys might like to see a few pics of the huge bull we shot in N.M. this past Saturday. Larry Knowlton, my long-time friend and frequent client, finally shot the bull of a lifetime after months of agonizing defeat. Larry acquired one of the N.M. enhancement tags for elk, and on Sept 1st we began a 5 month ordeal to shoot a 400″ plus bull. We started together on day 1, and finished together with 1 day to spare. Together we spent roughly 20 days in N.M. over the past 5 months hunting elk, but Larry himself spent 52 days since early September trying to find “the one”. I can’t tell you how many ghost stories, false leads and over-exaggerated elk we chased for the past 5 months, Larry in particular, but in the end I think it was all worth it! Carey’s outfit had originally located this bull in early November, and spent weeks of their time trying to get this bull for Larry. At 3:30pm on Saturday, after a 4.5 hr climb to get to this bull that lived in the worst place I have ever seen in my entire life. Mr. Knowlton shot a 419″ gross 7×8 with 64″ of mass, 54″ beams and a whole lotta tines. At 430 yards he shot just over him with the first one, but shots 2 & 3 were perfect and a few seconds later the bull was down. We actually had him figured at 403″ – 406″, but his mass was so big that we under judged that a bit, and because of the huge mass we though his beams were shorter than what they actually are. I had the beams figured at 51″, but the huge mass made the bull look shorter than what he actually is. The main frame is 388″, with 31″ of extras, for a total 419″ gross.


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