Penny-A wolf attack story

For those of you who have a dog, you know the bond that can exist between the animal and its owner.  Working dogs and their owners have this on a higher level due to hours spent together training and working together.  These photos of Penny and Mike show the highs and lows of one relationship.  Clearly, two great friends who have spent hours together.  An amazing, capable and loving animal and her devoted master.

Unfortunately, Penny was attacked by a pack of wolves last week.  Mike’s other hound had followed another cat, and Penny was caught alone.  Fortunately, Mike got to the attack site just a few minutes after the wolves and was able to prevent her from being killed.  Though not dead, she was just clinging to life.  Mike immediately rushed her to WSU medical center.  $6,000 dollars and hours of surgery later, she is still hanging on.

Before and After Photos

Penny and Mike after a successful Bobcat hunt

Great companions Mike and Penny

Penny Hard at Work

Penny and Mike after a successful Lion Hunt.  Great monster cat.

Photos after Wolf Attack-Warning Graphic Surgical Images

Penny’s Side and Abdomen after wolf attack

Penny’s lower leg after wolf attack

Penny’s leg after rows of stiches post wolf attack

Penny after hours of surgery post wolf attack

Mike,  keep us up to date on Penny’s progress.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Penny.


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