World Record Stone Sheep

Stone sheep are one of four beautiful varieties of North American wild sheep.  With beautiful grey coats and beautiful amber horns, they are high on the wish list for wild sheep hunters.  At the bottom I will show you how you can win a free stone sheep hunt.

Hunter Ricardo Longoria-booked with Mark Buehrer from Bowhunting Safari Consultants.

While Stone sheep do not sport the heavy horns of Rocky Mountain bighorns, their grey coats and beautiful curl make them one of the desirable varieties of North American Wild Sheep.   Below is the photograph of the world record Stone Sheep.

Harvested in 1936, this beautiful ram has a curl that far exceeds a typical North American Sheep.  With horn lengths of an amazing 51 inches (Right 50 1/8 – Left 51 5/8), this old boy is more reminiscent of a Marco Polo or other Asian Argali, hunter L.S. Chadwick must have caught his breath when he encountered this beautiful sheep.

Unfortunately, wolves and other predation has made a major dent in Stone Sheep populations.  With guided hunts now running into the $30,000 range, it has become clear that major steps are needed to restore abundant stone sheep herds.  Fortunately, dedicated outfitters and sportsmen groups are working to do just that.

Win A Stone Sheep Hunt

If a $30,000 guided hunt is out of the question-let’s be honest-that applies to most of us.  You might consider joining the full curl society  In February they gave away a 15 wild sheep hunts to their members and another 6 as part of the Western Hunting and Conservation expo, including a remarkable 5 stone sheep hunts.  There will be more drawings in the future.  Membership is $40.  According to my calculations, 1 in 80 members at the drawing won a hunt ($40 membership fee.)  Full curl society is truly returning wild sheep hunting to the common man.  You should have seen these winners-they were jumping up and down like they had just won the lottery.  To become a member visit  To see these lucky winners visit


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