Fishing with Juan

I came across a photo of this giant marlin.  Little did I know that this was one of very funny website.

Every photo on the site is clearly photoshopped adding “Juan’s” head to some impressive catch.

A quote from the site, “Saltwater: home of the toughest creatures on earth. If a 36 inch striped bass were to adapt to live on land, it would be 25 times stronger for its size than a human being. This kind of physical ability, combined with a ferocious appetite for flesh, would lead to an eventual subjugation of the human race and an end to life on earth, as we know it. Imagine a world ruled by striped bass, or, for that matter, flounder. Gasoline prices would be through the roof, and just try and finding a Chinese takeout open past 7pm. Only one group of humans has heard the calling to prepare for the eventual battle with creatures from the land of Poseidon. These humans are called fisherman, or sometimes, fishers. Fisherman train on a daily basis for the eventual bloody confrontation with these “fish”. Fisherman capture these viscous beasts, confront them face-to-face and then consume their flesh in a ritual de-pants-ing that often involves hot oil and tartar sauce. Enjoy these pictures of me, with some of the nasty beasts that I captured and sometimes ate.”


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