Fishing Geeks Strike Again-Another World Record Fish

Adam and Sean are two twin brothers who have named themselves the fishing geeks.  But a quick review of the fishing world record books quickly reveal that these guys know what they are doing.  Last year I did a post on their monstrous world record rainbow trout (see link to rainbow trout post  Of course, it was Sean outdoing his brother’s monstrous 44 lb rainbow from two years before.  Last year they landed two world record Burbot in one of their favorite fishing spots in Canada.  The first a 19 pound giant broke the recorded world record.  But having found a story on a larger fish caught years earlier, they set out to break the record with hopes of a 22 lb all-time and unchallenged record.  It happened March 27, 2010 at 9am in the morning.  They didn’t just break the record, once again they surpassed it by several pounds.  Read Sean’s own account of the story below.

Visit for an even better photo of this giant, if not unusual fish.

Here is the story on the new world record directly from the Horses mouth (thanks Sean for the inside scoop.)

length 41inch

girth 24 inch

weight 25.2lbs

Shimano Claurus rod

Abu Garcia cardinal 104 reel

30lb spiderline

single j hook, tipped with a whole 6 inch herring threw the lips.

Caught Saturday March 27th at 9am in the morning.

Diefenbaker has always held burbot in the system, I remember when we were very small, going on those all day ice fishing trips with our father when we were young.  I remember especially the burbot ice fishing Derbys which lake diefenbaker always held, and the late night fishing we would do in these fishing trips.  Which was our first experience with night fishing.

These fish were always thought of as being a nusaince fish and always disgarded when caught.  Now With people knowing how to cook and to clean these fish, its become one of my tastiest fish, and also to others around.

After adam and i caught our first line class world record rainbow, we did some research on burbot records and found to be only 18.2 lbs in the igfa book. Catching up to 15lb fish we knew we had a chance. Well in march 22, 2008 we landed a 19.1 lb fish to capture that all tackle record and also the 16lb line class record, with that same fish.  Looking into it a bit more, found the freshwater hall of fame record to be 22.8lbs caught in 1994 in lake athapapuskow manitoba.  So we didn’t really concider ours to be a true world record.  So our search still continued.   Burbot fishing really picks up in feb march, and with the burbot in spawning mode, were full of eggs and are packing on a coulple extra pounds.  we knew this would be the time of year to catch that monster.

The weekend of March 27th came, I took off work early from work in edmonton to drive 6 hrs to diefenbaker.  Meeting my brother who was already out there with a friend, we fished all night long.  We managed catching 3 burbot in the 10lb range and  called it quits at 3am Sat morning.  Sleeping in our trucks to get some rest for the next day, we woke up at 7am and picked up where we left off. It didn’t take long to hook into our first fish, I felt the bite and tightened my drag, and set the hook,  Adam and i always joked about setting the hook on a fish that felt like bottom, well this fish came close to that.  The first 10-20 seconds felt like i was snagged, the fish came up a couple of inches and then back down.  Then really started to pull line.  The fish swam to one side of the boat and to the other.  When it passed underneath i got a glimps of it, and new i was into another big burbot.  But when the fish finally tired and we managed to land the beast we knew by the girth of this fish we had a chance for the 22lb mark, and when we got that fish on the scale i knew we had it, punching out just over 25lbs (25.2).  Another All Tackle World Record, 2 in less that a year.


Sean konrad


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