Badlands’ New Invention

Keep your binoculars safe from blowing dust, rain, snow, mist and other hazards with this innovative case and strap system. A rugged, watertight, dustproof fleeced-nylon exterior makes it ideal for use on an ATV or horseback. Zip-No® magnetic closure shields binoculars from the elements and provides quick, silent access. Straps are fully adjustable. Four interior pockets hold maps, licenses and similar items. A rear pouch for a hydration bladder deploys quickly. 


zipno photo

 I love this binocular case.  No zippers, velcro, clasps, snaps-you get the idea.  Zipno-is what Badlands calls it.  It is a long magnet fit that runs the length of the seam.  You can open and close with one hand.  Silent, quick and effective.  Keep your binoculars on your chest without bumping them or getting them dirty.  This great Zipno case saved me a lot of heartburn in Africa.

Here is a photo of Africa-with the Zipno.

Ryan with Zipno


During one very long, dusty week, I never once had to clean the lenses of my binoculars.  I always had them handy, and there was even room for a couple of additional items I always wanted handy-like my point and shoot camera.

buy the Zipno at Cabelas

Check out Badlands on the Web.



The Badlands Story

Badlands has been leading the industry for over 10 years. Our company started out manufacturing some of the finest mountaineering packs in the world. Our technology was, and still is, the most cutting edge on the market, period.

However, every year when the leaves would change color our minds started to wander towards early scouting trips and hunting in the Uintah Mountian Range. It didn’t take long to notice severe deficits in the quality of equipment available for the hunter.

So from that day on we have spent every waking day trying to make hunting packs and accessories that set a new standard in performance, design, and comfort that no other company in the world has been able to match.

Contact Badlands


Phone: (801) 978-2207.

Badlands Backpacks
753 West 1700 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84104


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