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Another Monster Cat out of Utah

Posted in Cougar, North America, Predators on March 16, 2010 by thegreatwhitehunter

Congratulations to huntress Deb Cunningham on a beautiful mountain lion.  The tail on this monster cat looks longer than Deb is tall.  It almost looks like the cat has stopped to pose for the picture.

The photo of the skinned hide gives you a sense of the dimensions of this tremendous cat.  My guess is this cat is over 8 feet nose to tail.

Thanks to legendary cat guide Wade Lemon for the photos of this exceptional cat.  Visit Wade online at

Mountain Lion Killed By Wolves in Sun Valley

Posted in Big Game, Cougar, North America, Wolf on February 27, 2010 by thegreatwhitehunter

Go to to read the full story of this adult mountain lion killed by wolves in Idaho.  The wrecking ball is out and wiping out everything in its path. Time to wake up to what uncontrolled wolf populations are doing in the lower 48 people.

Ear Tag identifies Lion as an adult relocated by Idaho Fish and Game earlier in the year.

Look in the background and you will see the residential community of Parker Idaho.  Only 1/4 mile from the cougar kill site.

Audience members at a meeting called by Sun Valley Mayor Wayne Willich saw many pictures of wildlife in the city, including this cougar that was killed by wolves. Willich is concerned about predators within city limits.(ARIEL HANSEN/Times-News)

SUN VALLEY — A large audience Wednesday heard Sun Valley Mayor Wayne Willich do some howling about community concerns of wildlife within city limits.

Willich called for the Wood River Elk Trust II to quickly come up with a plan to feed elk on a ridge above the Elkhorn neighborhood of Sun Valley next winter, hoping they won’t then attract predators into the city.

The elk have not been fed by an organized group in three years, and last year wolves hunted them as they wandered through town. The wolves have not been present in the city this winter, which is attributed to the wolf hunting season launched last year.

Following a self-described “lecture” about the wildlife situation in Sun Valley, Willich took questions, but refused to take comments, on his proposal to have the elk trust present its plan to the Sun Valley City Council in two weeks.

“I’m finished with these town hall meetings, we’re moving to a solution,” Willich said. “The time for discussion is over.”

He said if the elk trust can’t resume feeding, or if the council fails to approve a resolution in support of their feeding, he will demand that Idaho Department of Fish and Game be more proactive. Several Fish and Game agents were in the audience.

“We’ll put you on notice that whenever there’s a predator around, you need to use whatever techniques to get the predators out of town,” Willich said, calling Sun Valley a “no-predator zone.”

Fish and Game Regional Supervisor Jerome Hansen said that’s already the department’s policy.

“We’ve got a document specifically developed to deal with urban large-animal conflicts. This is all about public safety,” he said. “Our guys are Johnny-on-the-spot.”

The department’s policy is to avoid feeding programs whenever possible, although they maintain feeding sites in other areas of the state, including nearby Warm Springs.

“Their plan to start up a feeding program (in Elkhorn) is an easy short-term solution, maybe, but I don’t think it’s the long-term solution,” Hansen said. “It takes a while (for the elk) to develop new patterns. It takes longer than we’ve had.”

He said he would prefer to find other solutions to keep the elk out of town, such as reducing the size of the herd and enhancing habitat in areas to attract the elk to areas not as close to homes, such as Parker and Independence gulches.

Willich said the City Council will take comments on March 11 on the elk trust’s plan. He said the council would likely offer moral, not monetary, support for a feeding plan.

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Phenomenal Mountain Lion Harvest

Posted in Big Game, Cougar, Guides and Outfitters, North America on February 18, 2010 by thegreatwhitehunter

I was recently sent these photos from legendary mountain lion guide Wade Lemon.  Not only is this an exceptional cat, the scenery is otherwordly.  Judge for yourself, but the charred background moonscape almost would fit into a sci-fi movie.  Congratulations to Mark Morse on an exceptional harvest.

Thanks again Wade for the forward.  Visit Wade Lemon Hunting

On a more personal note, I did a mountain lion hunt a few years ago.  I did not harvest.   A bit disappointing, but as they say…that is hunting.  I should also mention that I wasn’t hunting with Wade who has a 99% harvest rate.

At the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo this last weekend, I got talking with Matt Wanner who books hunts with Wade Lemon’s outfit.  As we talked, I realized it was time to go do another cougar hunt.  Things are a bit tight for us all, but what better cause than supporting some of the guys who have given so much to hunting and conservation.  Matt and Wade, I can’t wait for my 2011 mountain lion hunt.   The hunt will be filmed for the outdoor show Hooked on Utah and will show locally on KSL television and nationally on the Sportsman Channel.

Oldy but a goody-Dead Deer Walking

Posted in Big Game, Cougar, Deer, Predators with tags on January 14, 2010 by thegreatwhitehunter

I can’t tell you the number of different people who have sent me this photo over the last couple of years.  Hard to tell if it is doctored.  This is the description that was forwarded by email: “This picture is from Leota Michigan. Beaver Tom, set out a motion sensor camera to see if any big bucks were passing in the area. ”

Thanks to Jerry Clutter for the forward.  Click on the photo above for one of the older posts of a mountain lion attacking a bighorn sheep.

Got Hunts-Amazing Adventures

Posted in Big Game, Cougar, Deer, Guides and Outfitters, North America, Trophies with tags on January 9, 2010 by thegreatwhitehunter

Thanks Cory for forwarding the following two photos and stories.  Cory runs a great booking service and has an amazing website.  Check out Got hunts for worldwide hunting, fishing and outdoor adventures

“I hunted with them this past August during an early-season velvet hunt and took a buck that green scored close to 200 B&C, and I saw but could not get on a buck that would have scored another 15 to 20. That buck was higher, wider and had a 14-inch sword point on one side of his rack. I lost him after an all-morning stalk in the timber. Fifteen minutes later, I spotted the buck I eventually killed. I also saw a third buck that was larger still. In total, I saw 15 bucks in a day and a half.” Hunter Larry Barnes

This story of a rare spot and stalk mountain lion hunt is a great one as well.  Thanks Cory for forwarding!

On the third day of my November mule deer hunt, we were working our way to a glassing point when below us elk started to bark (alert) there was more barking below and to the right also. We sat down to see if we could glass up the elk & hopefully a bull (I had an Elk tag also). My guide cow called & they answered back. Glassing, he say’s “there’s a Mountain Lion” then he say’s “the lion just laid down, perfect!”. It took a while for him to show me where the big cat was. Once I had found him, we ranged it at 591 yards through a window in the pines, behind a downed log.

The guide asks, “Ya want a Lion?” “Heck yes but that’s a long ways!” “That’s ok, if you miss we’ll just keep elk hunting.” “Take your time & squeeze one off when ever your ready.

At the recoil I think to myself, that felt good, and the twackkkk…….. sounded good too! “You got him, holy $*#t! what a shot!” ect, ect, ect… It was pretty exciting. Through the glass my guide saw the lion slowly roll, tail up then the white belly, then rolls 2 more times down hill and out of sight.

In Idaho the lion season is open, you can use a mule deer tag as a lion tag. It’s a tom & measures 7′ with a 14″ skull, estimated weight of 150 lb. He was in great shape with a thick layer of fat.

I didn’t get a Muley buck but I did get a Muley eater. I hope everyone has had a great hunting season. Outdoors International did a great job setting me up with the trip of a lifetime.

Man comes face to face with Mountain Lion

Posted in Big Game, Cougar, North America on October 12, 2009 by thegreatwhitehunter

Read about Steve Newman’s harrowing encounter.

This all happened in the mountains above my home.  Crazy stuff. GWH

Unusual Scene

Posted in Big Game, Cougar, North America on October 7, 2009 by thegreatwhitehunter

CliffI don’t know anything about these photos, other than they are pretty bizarre.  It appears a cougar and sheep fell off a cliff and onto a highway.  Some of the follow-up photos are a bit graphic.  Click on the photo for more pics.  Thanks to legendary mountain lion guide Wade Lemon for the photos

Mountain Lion Attack-Scarry Stuff

Posted in Big Game, Cougar, North America on September 26, 2009 by thegreatwhitehunter

Mountain Lion stealth and power-bad combination for prey.  Seriously gripping photo montage.  Nature at its most raw.  NOT FOR KIDS or the weak of heart.


Sober food chain ending



If anyone has additional info on these mountain lion attack photos give me a heads up.   Thanks to Wade for the forward.

Goliath Mountain Lion

Posted in Big Game, Cougar, Guides and Outfitters, North America on September 25, 2009 by thegreatwhitehunter

Spencer is one of my great buddies.  He was with me when I shot my Booner Alaska Black Bear.  I was with him on his first big game harvest.  His story of this amazing cougar is one for the ages.  Looks like it might have eaten a few of the hounds on its way up the tree.

Spencer's Mountain Lion

Click on Photo for a close-up photo.

Congrats on an great cat Spencer!  Taken with the cougar hunting legend Wade Lemon and his outfit in Utah on a conservation tag.  Conservation tags are huge for wildlife conservation funding and are tax refundable to the purchaser.  Thanks for making it happen Spencer and Wade.  Here’s a link to the Wade Lemon hunting site.