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Archery Recurve-The primitive challenge

Posted in Bear, Big Game, caribou, North America on March 26, 2010 by thegreatwhitehunter

Many sportsmen who are involved in hunting have a favorite weapon.  Some are long range hunters who choose to challenge themselves by finding the perfect long range opportunity.  Other hunters relish the old smoke pole.  Famous hunter Jim Shockey was the first to harvest record book quality animals of the 27 North American big game species using a muzzleloader.  I personally, have hunted with a firearm (an ancient Winchester Model 70), muzzleloader, and compound bow.  One group who prides themselves in the ultimate handicap when it comes to weaponry are recurve archery hunters.

Most recurve hunters will tell you that their weapon has about a 20 yard effective range.  Compare that to a 40-60 yard effective range with a compound bow, and you can see the challenge.  Add the primitive and instinctive draw motion and colorful wood construction of many recurve bows, and you do feel a certain primitive connection with ancient hunter gatherers.

This old tom was dropped by a persistent recurve enthusiast.

While I was researching this post, I came across one amazing archery site

These guys hunt giant bears using recurve bows.

This 950 pound grizzly was shot as it charged.  The old boar scored into the Boone and Crocket records books.  Congratulations to hunter Pat Lefemine.

This giant brown bear was harvested by hunter Tom Huebner in Alaska at less than 10 yards.  What an amazing challenge on one truly dangerous animal.

I loved this quote from the site, “I shared this hunt with my uncle, an Alaska resident, stalking this dry, 8’4″ sow (the only lone bear we observed in 14 days) while she hunted red salmon on a lake shore. Shot her three times from 25 to 35 yards and she feel in sight. It was all over in a matter of 20 seconds. All arrows hanging by the fletching on the far right side, grouped tight through the lungs.”

World Record Caribou-Artic Hunting Group

Posted in Big Game, caribou, International, Trophies, World's Best with tags on December 2, 2009 by thegreatwhitehunter

Folks, there is a pending new world record caribou which was harvested in 2008 with Artic Hunting Group in Greenland.  Check out the unusual antler confirmation on this beautiful animal.  Scoring an incredible 534 1/8 SCI, Bob Theer has harvested a World Record Central Canada Caribou for the ages.  Visit Artic Hunting Group’s website for more details on their world class Caribou and Muskox hunts.  Thanks Tony for use of the photo!

4 Amazing Bulls-Taken in one Week

Posted in Big Game, caribou, North America on September 25, 2009 by thegreatwhitehunter

Artic Red River Outfitters continues to have one amazing chunk of wildlife heaven in Northern Canada. Check out these amazing mountain caribou.  Thanks to Don Peay of the wildlife conservation powerhouse SFW for the photo.    I love Don’s plug “look at the photo and guess which bull is 466, which one is 430, 405 and 380.” 

SFW page     Arctic Red River Outfitters


Hunts for Heros comes through again.  Two of these hunters were servicemen whose hunts were paid for by SFW donors.  Another of these lucky hunters got his hunt from a drawing at an SFW banquet.  SFW Keep up the awesome conservation effort.  Thanks again, Don for the photo.