Jen’s Flyfishing Foray

Jen was a natural when it came to flyfishing.  After a couple of pointers, she was laying the nymph/dryfly combo exactly where she wanted it. 

Jen's first fish on a fly

Three fish to the boat and even more fish that she hooked, Jen quickly was hooked on flyfishing.

The fish

The beautiful Teton river was a great setting for a first trip.  At first, the wind was up a bit and it was pretty cold.  However, it soon warmed up and the wind died down.  A small hatch started and the fish began surfacing.  Soon Jen was on a fish. 

Jen's second fish

When Jen said, “Know I see why people get addicted to flyfishing,” I could only help but smile.  Hopefully, this will be the first of many such excursions together.

The boat

It is great to see your kids get involved in the outdoors.  For me, seeing my spouse of almost 15 years get addicted to flyfishing was simply incredible. Forgive me for getting a bit personal, but this is the girl I am growing old with.  To find something we can do together in the outdoors for years to come was awesome!

Our flyfishing trip was part of a fun weekend trip to Huntsman’s Springs.  Thank you to the Huntsman’s for being such incredible hosts and allowing us to enjoy their new development Idaho development near the Grand Tetons in quite and beautiful Driggs Idaho. 

Click on the photo below for more pictures of Huntman’s Springs (and Jen’s first flight on a private plane).Huntsman's


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