Karl Malone’s Utah Sheep

Thanks to Don Peay for this amazing photo of a state record book Bighorn harvested by future NBA hall of famer Karl Malone.  Karl and Don have been working for 20 years to turn around big game populations in the state of Utah.  Working with the Foundation for North American Wildsheep (FNAWS), Don and Karl transplanted the first bighorns into the unit where this mangnificent sheep was harvested.

Karl's State Record Sheep

Awesome Don and Karl could enjoy some of the fruits of their labors. You’ll probably never see this sheep in an official record book.  Karl has plenty of record book entries and it is not the reason he hunts.  Comendable for a guy who holds some of the NBA records that will hold for many years to come.

The following maps show the results of the efforts of FNAWS, Don Peay and many local volunteers. 

Utah Bighorn Maps-ThenUtah Bighorn Map-Now

Yellow is deserts, Red is Rocky Mountain Bighorns, Green is California Bighorns

Visit the Sportsman’s for Fish and Wildlife site to learn more on what they are doing to make sure that wildlife populations will continue to grow.  http://www.sfwsfh.org/


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