Kelly’s Monarch-State Record Bull Elk for One Lucky Lady

Kelly-thank you for use of your great story.  If you have been putting in for a coveted lottery tag-you may not want to read on.  Kelly’s elk gross scores an incredible 408 inches and is the largest bull ever taken by a woman in the state of Utah.  Until just a few years ago, it was unheard of for anyone in Utah to take a 400 class bull.  The very wealthy would pay tens of thousands (even over $100,000) for a chance to hunt an exceptional bull.  I love your story Kelly-thanks again.

Kelly with the Monarch

I love this line from Kelly’s story, “My husband Brad puts me in for various hunts every year…[I] say a silent prayer that I won’t ever draw out….’You just drew out for one of the most coveted bull elk tags in the state!’ Apparently, my silent prayers were a little too silent and therefore unanswered.”

Kelly Beckstead

As the hunt started Kelly started to get that first morning excitement.  She comments, “Monday morning we were up at 4:45 am.  I put on my camo fatigues, orange vest, a hat and “eau de dirt” perfume and we were on our way.  I felt a puzzling excitement.  It was the kind of anticipation that Brad had always tried to describe, but quite frankly, I never understood.”

Kelly's State Record Bull 

Kelly describes the moment of truth, “I was surprisingly calm as Brad helped me to set up the tripod… the bull just stopped broadside giving me a perfect shot… I put the cross hairs on his shoulder and slowly began to squeeze the trigger.  The gun fired and down went the bull!  … We couldn’t believe what a great bull he was!  The mass was incredible!  Brad couldn’t even get his hand around the first point!  … We had the bull officially scored by Boone and Crockett after the sixty day waiting period.  It scored 408 gross and 397 4/8 net!  … all of the guys in the family have told me that I have ruined elk hunting for all of them.   I’ll never forget what a great time we had on this hunt.  It was a thrill that I had never experienced before.  Brad says that it was more exciting than if he’d shot it himself!  The elk is displayed proudly in our family room and we can’t help reliving those exciting moments that led up to the bagging of this unbelievable trophy!  

Thanks again to Kelly and Emily for the great pictures and a one-of-a-kind story.


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