Madison Brown Trout

A friend sent me this link.  Monster Brown Trout caught by Bryan Gregson on the Madison in 2008.    The fish is 16 lbs with a length of 32 and 3/4 inches.  MonsterBrown2-MHQ-10-28-08


Photo taken by “Grizz” AKA Chris Andelin.

I loved this quote, “…When it came to hand I realized how big this fish really is. Grizz called it a ‘Trophy’s Trophy, it’s what trophy Trout want to grow up and be’.” 


Here is another quote, “This fish is what I have been dreaming about my entire life, since I was a Kid… actually I think I was dreaming of a smaller version of this fish but this will surely do.”

for the full story check out the 2008 section of Bryan’s blog at 



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  1. Sicky sicky gnar gnar

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