Ryan’s Blesbok

Here are more photos of the Blesbok Hunt.  After checking out several herds on the property, we settled on the big boy in this group.  These dudes hung out at about 150 yards for what seemed like 20 minutes.  Let’s be straight.  Blesbok are not the smartest animals in the world.  Blesbok rely on the herd, and their similarity, as protection from prey.  Not the most challenging hunt, but after several days of really hard hunting, an afternoon of Blesbok hunting was a nice change of pace.

Ryan and Jen

After 20 minutes of trying to communicate with our PH Pieter about which Ram to harvest, we finally had it figured out.  The conversation went something like this:…it’s the one twitching it’s tail, third from the right…now second from the left…with two in front…facing away…now forward…now backwards…  You get the picture.

The Herd

At one point, even the guide got confused which one was the big boy. Finally, he wandered far enough away from his neighbors and well…the rest is history.

Pieter and Isaac

The shot was 140 yards, sharp quartering away and right through the middle of the heart.  Barnes TSX comes through again.  The old blesbok never felt a thing.  The best part about it was Jen was right there enjoying the hunt with me (and filming the whole experience).   With heavy and long horns, this old ram should score somewhere near #67 alltime SCI.

Blesbok-#67 SCI

Good times.  The GWH


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