The Truth about the Hoginator

Orignally billed as a 1800 pound monster killed in Texas, a little digging has revealed the photos are of a 781 pound boar killed in Turkey in 2005.  The original photos of this pig can still be found on the Turkish hunting website

Here is the email I received from my buddy: Ham and eggs anyone?
There was  a documentary on about a month ago about these  things growing up so rapidly in the US.   They’re all over Georgia, Alamba, S.  Arkansas, Texas, Florida, and other states.   You ever wonder what happens to those  people that just leave home and disappear but  their car is found out on a dirt road?   Between bigfoot and these monsters, I  think we know!    
Cute  little Texas pig …That was killed in the town  of Cut-N-Shoot TX. We call them Piney Wood  Rooter’s.
Over  1,800 lb. wild boar shot and killed in Conroe ,  Texas near the
 County  Airport, East of I-45 and near the community of  Cut and Shoot.  Killed by a  medical Radiology worker…What would you do if  this beast was coming at  you? Run for dear life? Climb a tree? or simply  get run over?


One Response to “The Truth about the Hoginator”

  1. man i live about an hour from conroe and cut and shoot. the first time i went threw that town i thought that was a cool name and have been back many times. that’s one big pig, to bad i aint shot a pig that big yet, i just got a baby outta the wild, i hope it will get that big. lol

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