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Marco Polo Sheep-Kyrgyzstan

Posted in Asia, Big Game, International on February 24, 2010 by thegreatwhitehunter

I was sent these photos from Johann.  This is not the first Marco Polo sheep post I have done.  However, I thought these beautiful version of the mighty Argali deserved another post.  Marco Polo sheep are simply at the top of the list for most sheep hunters.  Looking at the size and mass of the horns it is not hard to see why.


Here is a description of the hunt from the outfitter: 

There are three races of Argali in Kyrgyzstan: 1. Marco Polo,2.Tian-Shan Argali, 3. Hume Argali. Marco Polo Sheep (Ovis ammon polii) inhabit the mountains to the South of the country from Naryn River up to the China’s border. Normally, Marco Polo in Kyrgyzstan is not as big as those in the Pamirs, Tadjikistan. These averages from 50 to 53”. These Argali prefer wide plateaus and sloping mountains without steep ledges at elevations of 11,000-15,000 ft (3,500 – 4,500 m) over the sea level. Base camp is located at 10,000 ft (3000 m) – there is no need in acclimatization. Local terrain allows for the use of horses and sometimes 4×4 vehicles during the hunt. There are professional guides, doctor, cook and helpers in the camp. So far, we have experienced the 100% success rate.

In the morning you load onto your horse. In Kyrgyzstan you may have horses and jeep. During the day you may travel the upper edges of the mountains, glassing the hillsides and feeding areas. Sheep will normally be sighted each day. For lunch in the field we offer you hot drinks, sandwiches, salami, dry fruit and nuts. Once the trophy ram is located, you complete your stalk on foot. You will hunt at around 13,000 feet ( 4,000 m). Physical condition is a factor on the stalking portion of the hunt. A long range shooting, up to 500 yards (450 m) is normal for sheep hunting. Spike camp and horse back riding is a part of your hunt.

If you would like to discuss booking a Marco Polo hunt or another asian trophy, contact Johann directly at;; or call (011)004915156241064

The Mighty Mid-Caucasian Tur

Posted in Asia, Big Game, International with tags on February 17, 2010 by thegreatwhitehunter

Asian Tur are simply one of the most sought after of all mountain goats for the international hunter.  Thanks to Johann Derksen at Laika-Tours for forwarding the photos of these exceptional goats. 

These two Tur pictured above are a variety of Asian Tur commonly called the Mid-Caucasian Tur.  The Mid-Caucasian Tur is a mix of the Eastern or Dagestan Tur and the Western or Kuban Tur. Found largely in the harsh and nearly vertical terrain of the Caucas Mountains of Russia and Azerbaijan, pursuit of these heavy bodied short legged creatures is an extreme international adventure in every sense of the word. According to Johann, the horns of the Mid-Caucasian Tur can vary from the supracervical shape of the cylindriconis to the more scimitar-shaped horn of the dinniki.  In more simple terms, the horns of the Tur largely resemble a cross between Spanish ibex and the mighty bighorn sheep.  The horns carry their mass along their length and curlemuch like a modified version of a bighorn sheep.  Shorter than an ibex horns, they may grow 32-41 inches in length.  


Here is a description of the hunt from Johann: 

You will arrive to an international Moscow airport. Our Laika-Tours  interpreter will meet you at the airport and assist through customs. You will be taken to the hotel. Next morning we will take you to the airport for the flight to Nalchik. Your flight will last around 1 hour 40 minutes.

Hunting starts from the fly camps. Backpack hunting is customary in the most areas with small portion of horse back riding. This is really intense mountain hunting. The terrain is difficult and steep. We encourage spike camping. A temporary tented camp is set up at 8,000 feet / 2, 700 m. Rams are generally located in very remote country at 9,800 feet / 3,000 m or in lower timbered country at 7,500 feet / 2,300 m. Be in good shape as it is an important factor in the stalking part of the hunt.  Shooting distance is 250-300 yards (200–250 meters) on average.

If you would like to discuss booking a Mid-Caucasian Tur hunt or another asian trophy, contact Johann directly at;; or call (011)004915156241064.